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Winter again?

Posted 4/1/2011 9:08am by Kate Sparks .

Apologies to all my customers at the Rittenhouse Square farmers' market.  I know I promised to be in attendance three weeks ago.  I really want to be there but apparently my flowers don't.  They prefer warmer temperatures and are refusing to behave.  Last year I had over 1,000 daffodils on March 25.  This year, maybe 50.  The forsythia, quince, muscari and delphinium are being equally stubborn.  The tulips aren't even showing buds yet.  Oy, what's a girl to do !  They will bloom, eventually.  I hope to be at the market with a van full of beautiful flowers next Sat. but no promises, because today it's snowing!  My boss is the weather.  Sometimes she's a great boss and sometimes, #@?!
Last week I used all the  flowers that were blooming for a baby shower.  I'm very happy that  I decided to grow some bulbs in crates and also had a few anemones and hellebore left .  Forsythia can be forced easily and Pieris Japonica is blooming it's fool head off.  I can't cut any more from the Pieris or I won't have any shrubs left.  I love the way the hang down over the edge of a container like little pearls.  
Yesterday another grower friend of mine and I made 19 arrangements for the  Bucks County chapter of the Fox Chase Cancer center.  We had to buy most of the flowers.  Oh my, the snow is actually sticking now and coming down like big balls of cotton.  Back to the flowers, we had lots of fun selecting pink flowers from the wholesaler and then mixing them with greens, pieris, and quince to make some lovely arrangements that looked like an early spring garden. 
I love going to the local auction in the winter.  There's always cool stuff for flower arrangements including these blue vases, perfect for a baby boy shower.Iris, tulips and forsythia in blue vaseIris, tulips and pieris in a crystal bowl

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