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Ranunculus and Delphinium

Posted 5/17/2011 12:51pm by Kate Sparks .

I know I'm fickle, but ranunculus is my  new favorite flower.  It's hard not to fall in love with a flower that comes in so many beautiful colors from pastel pink and creamy yellow to bright red and deep purple there are even picotee ranunculus in white and pink with pink or red tips.  Their soft romantic shape and beautiful colors make them a perfect wedding flower.  
I planted 800 tubers in my cold frame last fall, and put hoops and row cover over them for extra protection. When the temps dipped below 5 degrees for a solid week last January I thought they were gonners.  No problemo, the leaves stayed nice and green, waving happily at me when I checked on them.  I did have some problems with voles but they were a mere appetizer,  apparently not nearly as tasty as the tulips.  I've been cutting about 600 stems a week for the last two weeks.  This week I'll have another 600 or so.  They don't show any signs of stopping so I'll probably have them for another two or three weeks.  Just in time for my June weddings.

Another flower on my favorites list is Delphinium.  I'm growing two new tall varieties which really wowed me last season, Guardian and Aurora.  The older varieties of delphinium hate the hot humid Bucks County summers but these varieties kept blooming till Sept.  They are just beginning to bloom now in beautiful shades of blue, pink and lavender.  

This week I will not be at the Rittenhouse farmers' market.  This weekend is the Rittenhouse row spring festival.  The farmers' market is scheduled and most of the produce vendors will be there.  I've decided that the logistics of setting up, parking and breaking down are not worth the amount of business I'm likely to get.  From past experience I know that most people attending a street fair do not want to buy flowers and carry them around all day.  I will be at the Doylestown farmers' market this Sat. and will return to Rittenhouse next Sat. June 4.

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