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Hurry spring

Posted 3/14/2011 10:30am by Kate Sparks .
Spring is my favorite season.  After the very cold winter we've had ( winter always  seems to want to hang around a bit longer than it's welcome) I'm getting antsy for some warm air.  My english teacher would have put a red line through that run on sentence!  You get the picture though. It's March, is it spring or winter?  This early daylight savings time threw me for a loop.  Just when I was getting used to sunrise at 5:30 the lights stayed out for another hour.  This morning I slept till 9:00.  Now I'm dragging my lazy self around in a foggy daze.  I'm blaming the clouds, that's my story.  Anyway, I didn't sleep well last night because of a poem running through my head begging to be written.   I must have spring fever.  I wrote down the lines  so I could get back to my real work.  Today I need to fertilize the lilies and release some green lace wing eggs to take care of aphids in the greenhouse.  
The farmers' market in Doylestown begins on Sat. April 16. 7:00 am.   Come say hello to all your friendly farmers' selling fresh produce, soap, cheese, baked goods, bedding plants and veggie starts and pick up a bouquet of flowers from Lilies and Lavender.  
I'll be starting the farmers' market in Rittenhouse square on sat.  March 26, weather permitting.

Spring sings,

in steady rhythm

rain falling

swollen streams overflowing

spring sings, 

a high vibration

of bees wings

beating, a constant droning 

spring sings,

in celebration

poppies dance

red dresses flutter, glowing

Spring sings,

in jubilation

jays calling

 hallelujah chorus growing

Enjoy the spring!  Summer comes way to soon.
Cheers, Kate 

ann said,
3/2/2012 @ 5:46 pm
this is a lovely poem! i love the rhythm of it.
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