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Funding from the USDA?

Posted 3/21/2011 10:03pm by Kate Sparks .
I spent three hours talking to a rep from the USDA about the Environmental Quality Incentives Program.  I would love to get a grant for a new high tunnel.  The rep told me I might also qualify for a grant to have my field drained, implement an IPM program, fix my deer fence and implement a basic nutrient management program. It sound too good to be true doesn't it.  Well it is!  It's so much paper work I don't know if I'll ever get anything planted!  Will they still give me the money if I get carpal tunnel from all the forms I have to fill out and can't work this year?  The government never makes anything easy.
Yesterday  it was 65 degrees and this morning we had snow. Welcome to spring.    I've already moved lots of plants from the nice warm greenhouse into the cold frame.  I was afraid they would be frozen this morning but they're doing just fine.  I need more space in the greenhouse to start seeds so I hope it gets warmer soon.  The scented geraniums are taking up too much room but can't be moved until it's 38 degrees every night.  This happens every year, too many plants, too little space.   I have another greenhouse with heat but I've already spent so much money on propane that I don't want to turn the heater on unless I absolutely have to.  
The daffodils are almost ready to bloom,  maybe a few tomorrow and definitely by next week.  The voles and I are slugging it out to see who gets the tulips.  At the moment I think I'm winning.  I haven't seen any new damage since I put out the poison a few weeks ago.  I think the voles won the first round and ate about 1/3 of the tulips before I realized what was going on.  Hopefully I won't have to use any more poison.  Ah the peaceful life of a flower farmer. There aren't many dull moments, especially in spring.

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